• 1000L

    • Length: 2400mm
    • Height: 1850mm
    • Width: 260mm
    • Capacity: 1000L
    • Weight(empty):75kg
  • 2000L

    • Length: 2400mm
    • Height: 1850mm
    • Width: 480mm
    • Capacity: 2000L
    • Weight(empty):120kg
  • 3000L

    • Length: 2920mm
    • Height: 1970mm
    • Width: 580mm
    • Capacity: 3000L
    • Weight(empty):170kg

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Why Save Water

March 7, 2013

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Slim Thin Tanks Product Range

Our Slimline Poly water tanks provide minimum intrusion onto your property.

Use any number of our ThinTanks to achieve the desired capacity.

Please visit the gallery to see pictures of our storage tanks.

These tanks can be free standing or joined together to form a partition or fence.

  • 1. Single slimline poly water tanks.
  • 2. Slimline tanks joined together to form wall.

Find out about the benefits of having a slim line poly rainwater tank working for you!
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