Green Tips

Water Saving Tips

As Australians, we live on the driest continent on earth. For this reason water is not only very important to us, but is essential for us to maintain our very existence. With the current drought most of Australia is experiencing, every possible method of saving water should be applied.

Tips On Saving Water As Households:

    1. Rebates are available in some states for:
      • Installing efficient showerheads in bathrooms
      • Installing dual flush toilet systems
      • Purchasing water efficient dishwashers and washing machines (most front loader washing machines use one third the amount of water used in top loading machines)
      • Installing a pool cover on your pool or spa to reduce evaporation
    2. Various grey water recycling systems are available for use on lawns and gardens alike.
    3. Never use your hose to wash down windows or paths and driveways. Use a broom to sweep or a cloth to clean.
    4. Rainwater Tanks: The average Australian house produces enough storm water for the house to be self-sufficient. We cannot collect all of this water, but the rainwater tanks allow some of this precious resource to be collected. A number of state Governments are looking at various methods to recycle storm water for use on public gardens, reserves and for use in Industry.
    5. For the average Australian garden, there are many ways to save water. We all need to look at our garden in a new light:
      • Use of Australian native plants and trees.
      • Always mulch your garden
      • Install underground drippers
      • Install artificial lawn – looks great and no need to water or maintain (The appearance of artificial lawn has improved dramatically in recent years).