Slim Thin Tanks Product Range

Our Slimline Poly water tanks provide minimum intrusion onto your property.

Use any number of our ThinTanks to achieve the desired capacity.

Please visit the gallery to see pictures of our storage tanks.



These tanks can be free standing or joined together to form a partition or fence.

  • 1. Single slimline poly water tanks.
  • 2. Slimline tanks joined together to form wall.

Thin Rainwater Tank Features

  1. 1. Manufactured from 100% U.V. stabilised, food grade polyethylene resin
  2. 2. To ensure maximum strength, all Thintanks slimline poly water tanks are made as a solid, one piece construction
  3. 3. Tanks are fitted with 2 brass outlets at the bottom to allow joining of tanks together with ease


Thintanks warrants its tanks by a pro rata warranty for 10 years from the original date of purchase. This warranty covers the original purchaser only and is not transferable. Thintanks will repair or replace at it’s discretion the tank affected by a defect or fault caused by the manufacturing process or materials. Fading or colour change, damage caused by accidents or misuse, do-it-yourself repairs or incorrect installation, and any subsequent costs (including freight of replacement tank) are not covered by this warranty.

  • 1000L Slim Thin Rainwater Tank

    • Length: 2400mm
    • Height: 1850mm
    • Width: 260mm
    • Capacity: 1000L
    • Weight(empty):75kg
  • 2000L Slim Thin Rainwater Tank

    • Length: 2400mm
    • Height: 1850mm
    • Width: 480mm
    • Capacity: 2000L
    • Weight(empty):120kg
  • 3000L Slim Thin Rainwater Tank

    • Length: 2920mm
    • Height: 1970mm
    • Width: 580mm
    • Capacity: 3000L
    • Weight(empty):170kg

We are agents for Onga Pressure Pumps

  • Full range of Onga pumps including Dominator submersible pumps
  • Waterswitch controller to automatically switch from tank to mains water supply when empty